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Are You Remodeling Your Bathroom? – Don’t Forget To Install A New Shower Panel

As we all know, bathroom remodeling is known for consistently bringing about a high investment return for homeowners looking to do some upgrading. In fact, the money spent on remodeling a bathroom usually translates into a more substantial resale value and, of course, improved aesthetics. Perhaps the most popular luxury bathroom tool, one that many homeowners tend to install is undoubtedly the multi-functional shower panel. This piece of equipment comes in a variety of shapes and styles while offering a variety of functions.


Shower Panels

Modern shower panels are typically made by combining plywood with high-performance laminate, to make the surface 100% waterproof. Thanks to these materials, you will have no difficulties fixing bathroom fittings or mirrors. On the other hand, with shower tiles, you will have to use specialized equipment, like certain drill bits, thus risking potential tile damage and so on. Some shower panels feature balancer laminate and water resistant WBP type of plywood, both of which are great when it comes to stopping the moisture from penetrating the board.

A Plethora Of Styles

The majority of shower panel models feature multiple jets, which are arranged to provide maximum body coverage. Some of them also feature handheld units, which provide even more coverage options. When looking to make a purchase, pay attention to the models that offer simple pressure adjustments, which will allow you to personalize further and customize your experience. It is also worth mentioning that some panels provide a gentle rain-like spray, special massage options, or a near-authentic waterfall experience. Some of them even feature a built-in shell, which makes them very practical and convenient, as it provides plenty of easy storage space for shower necessities.

a shower

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of designs too, from the vintage ones and upscale industrial ones, all the way to sleek, futuristic ones.

Shower Enclosure Kits

In most cases, homeowners typically opt to remodel their bathrooms with frameless shower enclosures. These are popular because they can give that appearance of glass held without any visible support. Since there is no metal or other types of framing, the result is a very airy and open look. This is a great option, especially if you have beautiful tiles you want to show off. It also makes the decor of the entire bathroom truly shine and seamlessly come together. With such a configuration, you can make your sleek, new shower panel the focal point of the whole bathroom. With it, you can also make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is.

Important Considerations

Before purchasing a certain model, you will need to make sure it will work with your water lines. Since the pressure is one of the key concerns, you will also have to pay attention to the number of heads you are going to buy and install alongside your new panel. Keep in mind that shower panel installation and requirements will depend on the type of the enclosure. When it comes to actually installing a panel, make sure you have all the appropriate tools. If not, look for professional installation services.